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Do you take insurance, and how does that work?
I have a sliding-scale. What that means is the client decides what he or she is able to afford within my range or scale and will pay that amount for each 50-minute therapy hour session. I do not request any financial information as I allow that decision to be up to the client.

I do not take insurance for a variety of reasons. The main reason is because most insurance companies require the Therapist to give a Mental Health Diagnosis to the person they are treating. Usually, this diagnosis follows the patient the rest of their life, sometimes not. Many people who come in for therapy are experiencing what we in the industry call "problems in living," which can be relationship, career, parenting, or self-esteem challenges and do not require a "diagnosis," per se. In addition, going through your insurance may require your Therapist to provide information on your goals and progress, which means someone (or in some cases, some people) at the insurance company may have access to some of the information discussed in the therapy room. It is my belief that the content of therapy should be between therapist, client and whomever the client has decided is pertinent to his or her progress (i.e. psychiatrist, physicians, children's school counselors/teachers, any family member involved, etc.), not a faceless clerk assigned to the client's "case" to determine whether treatment is needed or needs to continue.

Having said that, there are times insurance companies allow for an "out-of-network provider." In those cases, I provide the therapy to the client, the client pays for the session, and once or twice a month, I write a "super-bill" for the client to submit to the insurance company for reimbursement. The percentage of reimbursement varies from company-to-company so you would have to call them to find out how much they cover. In my experience the reimbursement rates have ranges from as low as 27% to 100%.

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