About Kim Upton

University Of Vermont College Of Medicine

License & Certifications:
RDN/License Number 659825

Specializes in:
Celiac Disease,
Gluten Sensitivity,
Food Allergies
Eating Disorders
Weight Management
Prenatal Nutrition

Kim started her career as a clinical dietitian working at the Daniel Drake rehabilitation and long term care facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. She oversaw total parenteral nutrition and enteral feedings and the counseling of patients being discharged for home rehabilitation. Her responsibilities included oversight of the diet technicians, leading in-service education and instruction of the nursing staff in tube feedings and nutritional concerns of long term care patients.  Ironically after putting her career on hold to raise her four children, Kim was diagnosed with celiac disease and several years later, type 1 diabetes.

Finding herself in the unique position of being a registered dietitian nutritionist diagnosed with two diet related diseases, she began attending the monthly meetings of the Celiac Disease Foundation. Kim served the foundation by leading discussion groups for teens, speaking at celiac chapter meetings, and counseling new members in the implementation of the gluten free diet. Since her four children have launched from home into the world of careers and college, she has reentered private practice where she specializes in celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, eating disorders, weight management and prenatal nutrition.