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Hello and welcome. Visiting our site shows that you are looking for a change in your life. Whatever the situation or circumstance, therapy is a tool you can use to remove blocks that keep you from moving forward. We are a staff of highly trained, skilled, and compassionate counselors here to assist you in this part of your journey.

Please call us at 661-505-8755

Our Therapists at Healing The Mind & Spirit have over 20 years of  experience helping residents and families in Santa Clarita, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and other Los Angeles areas, find an individualized, effective path to healing, growth, and well-being. 

Our main focus is to help you find relief from emotional pain that stems from depression, anxiety, relational conflict and discontentment. With diligence, our work together can help you uncover your true potential, get a sense of who you are created to be and lead a life filled with purpose.

Allow one of our Staff to help you find understanding and self-awareness that can lead to healing and forward-motion. Each staff member has different approach to therapy. So, depending on why you are coming in, we have someone who can help you identify patterns in your life that aren’t working and find a way of doing life that is more action and present-oriented.

​Together we will come up with an action plan that will help you create the life you’d like to have instead of living the life you feel at the mercy of. ​


Healing The Mind & Spirit

23030 Lyons Ave., Suite 205
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Santa Clarita Valley 

San Fernando Valley

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We are located in Newhall, California, in the Santa Clarita Valley. We offer individual, couples and family therapy.

You may call us at 661-505-8755, or send an email to​